DotA @ over 37,000!!!

en route to my destination one friday in a kinda distant past, i was rather bored with the shows that were available on the rather tiny screen in a rather smallish A320 aircraft. the seating is cramped, as what is expected of economy class flights. and if you are claustrophobic, flying this way certainly is not for you. one hardly has enough elbow room to begin with. it is almost a matter of intimidation and a bit of elbow wrestling with your seatmate to see who gets to have that “real estate” between the two of you. lucky for you if you are seated along the aisle or by the window. then you would only have one contender for that precious wee space of real estate which is the armrest.

where nerfs are epic!

Welcome to the World of Warcraft!

  • this is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).  it is the number one and the biggest in the planet in terms of subscriber base.  yes it is quite addicting to play!
  • this is not a Free to Play (F2P) game.  it is paid for, also known as Pay to Play (P2P).  about $15 a month.  relatively cheap if you are earning a steady income.  yet Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind World of Warcraft, has been very succesful on this MMORPG and has raked in tons and tons of gold.. .err dollars (US$).. . off of it.

opportunities.. .

by the time i was on the vessel that was to take us back to the mainland, Joey was already seated.. . quite near to where i found a place to sit down – across the aisle and a row in front of me.


chances. these come and go. the very same way that night comes after day. but unlike the regular setting of the sun or the waning of the moon, the two events tightly woven into our lives, chance has to be realized and grabbed.. . or you miss it.. . or you just let it pass you by.

Bind Super Key To Application Launcher on KDE

So I have been using KDE for the past 2 months now and have been loving it. Then again I have always been a KDE lover. Since I started using Linux for my desktops I have used a lot of desktop environments (DE) such as XFCE, LXDE, Enlightenment and Gnome (Of course, it’s pretty much the default DE of several distros!), but I kept going back to KDE. I want my eye candy. And I also want it smooth and stable. KDE is pretty much that. Plus it is very customizable.

Ubuntu Phones Soon To Be A Reality

Following the announcement of Canonical that they have partnered with 2 mobile device manufacturers to finally bring Ubuntu Phones to reality, I’ve kept on visiting popular Ubuntu-centric sites and Ubuntu’s official site itself for more juicy news. I’m pretty much excited about this new development! From the limited info that is out there, the manufacturers are BQ (Spain) and Meizu (China). If I recall correctly, the Ubuntu Phones should be available at the latter part of this year, and that it will  only be for release – initially – in their respective countries/regions. But I also read that it will be available for order online. So I suppose that would give us who are not in either Spain or China, to have a chance to get our hands on it. As for the price, I hope they don’t make these Ubuntu Phones too expensive. I’m comfortable with Google Nexus pricing (or cheaper).

Back To KDE After Several Years

Welcome 2014! It is a new year and I have a new desktop – the beautiful and shiny KDE.  Actually, it is not my first time to have used this desktop environment on Linux. It is sort of a “comeback.” Back in the KDE 3.x days (and early 4.x), I was a heavy and loyal user of KDE. I was either on SuSE/OpenSuSE and/or Mandriva/Mandrake since these distros had KDE as their default desktops. Back then I was not using Ubuntu. Back then I would never touch a Gnome desktop even with a 20-foot pole because it is just butt ugly and is behind KDE in light years in terms of configurability.