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Firefox 7 Finally Hits Ubuntu 11.04

A big surprise today when I clicked on Update Manager to check what new and interesting updates are available, when lo and behold, Firefox 7 is in the list! Hurray! I’ve been waiting eagerly for this update for a time now.

Not So Obvious Firefox How To’s

Although I regularly “clean up” my Firefox’s forms/search history, browsing/download history, cache, cookies and all that at work for privacy reasons, I tend to be more lenient when it comes to my home PC. However, you can never be too overconfident that you are totally safe from everything. There is a wealth of personal information that can be taken from your Firefox history and these are not protected by encryption or other secure means. It is always a good idea to clear a few things you do not want lying around.

Save More Vertical Screen Space On Firefox

Ubuntu’s Unity desktop already saves a good portion of vertical screen space by design. Thanks to the global menu bar and what once used to be the application list bar at the bottom is now replaced by the Unity Launcher at the left side of the screen. That is how many pixels of vertical space freed up just by moving a few things around.

Add More Options To Firefox Quicklist

The default Unity launcher quicklist for Firefox could certainly do with a few additional options. It’s easy to add a few more.

This tip I got from AskUbuntu. There are more quicklist tips available and you can read it at this page – I only wanted to add a few more useful options than the ones given.

Play Angry Birds On Your Firefox Browser

Yes you are reading that right. Angry Birds, the super-famous game on Android, iPhone and tablets alike, is now playable on a desktop web browser. Probably not all web browsers but it runs on Chrome and Firefox. Supposedly it is only for chrome, as that little logo at the tail end of the Birds, implies. However I was able to run it smoothly on Firefox versions 4.0 and 4.0.1. My brother, also played with it on Firefox 3.6.x version.

Firefox 4 is finally here!

Today, March 22nd of 2011, marked the release of the newest iteration of our most beloved free and open source web browser – Firefox 4.

After waiting how many long months, countless beta versions and a handful of release candidates, the much awaited arrival of the final and stable version of Firefox 4 is now.

Was it worth the wait? Oh hell yeah!

Odd Firefox 4 Restore Previous Session Behavior

If I can’t hibernate my desktop, not to worry, Firefox always has the Restore Previous Session feature. The newer builds of Firefox 4 beta – right now I’m still using 4.0b12pre – will no longer ask the user to save the session if there is more than one tab open. Its default action is Save Session. So don’t be surprised.

Firefox 4: More URL Space!

When hovering over a link, the 3.x Firefox and older versions had more space to show the entire text compared to Firefox 4 beta. And why not when the entire status bar at the bottom of the browser occupied the entire width of the application.



Firefox 4 beta PPA on Ubuntu

If you want to test out the latest Firefox 4 beta the easy way, just add the PPA for it. Details can be had at

Manually, you can add this to the sources.list – deb lucid main

(Don’t forge to add the signing key if you’re doing it manually)

If you’re feeling lazy, this will do – ppa:silverwave/testing0

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name

Replace ppa:user/ppa-name with the PPA’s location as given above

Test Drive the Firefox 4 beta release now

The 1st beta of the new and upcoming major version release of our beloved web browser – Mozilla Firefox – is already out.   Head on over to the Mozilla Firefox beta page if you want to take it out for a spin.

Firefox 4 beta is deemed stable for day to day use.  Do take note that since this is a beta release don’t be surprised if something unexpected suddenly happens.  Bugs will probably be creeping around and if you do notice one don’t try to squash it yourself.  Instead it is best to report it to the Firefox team.