Junior Developer Looking for Mentorship or Advice!

I am a Junior Developer in my first year of professional work experience, I have joined a very small start-up company where I am one of the few developers. We have two junior devs and an outsourced developer that helps with senior dev roles when needed. I am often tasked with jobs and tasks that are more likely to be given to an intermediate/senior developer and am having to learn a lot as I progress through development cycles and make mistakes.

I do not really have access to a senior developer to help mentor me properly and I feel as though I might be learning bad practices as I do not have someone that looks over my code. I generally work well and can get these tasks done but sometimes have to ask the outsourced developer for help, even in the tasks I complete although I think they are performing well I feel as though I am just getting by and not actually understanding half as much as I think I am.

I am wondering if there are any good sites where I can hire a mentor for about an hour a week where I can discuss with them the issues I faced that week and how I fixed them, etc. I wouldn’t need technical assistance, mostly just advice and assurance on the techniques I am using.


(I am a front end dev trying to expand into a full stack, I do almost all of the front end work of the website and am trying to learn more about the backend as I go.)

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Author: Tomas Brown