Using tmux to host a server

So I have some API server that I need to be up 24/7. Is it a bad idea to open up a tmux window and run the server application? When you run a binary in tmux, the binary stays running even when you close the tmux window. The binary also stays running when I disconnect from the SSH session. I like running the server application in tmux because I can easily just attach to the tmux window and have access to a shell where the executable lives. The server constantly prints log messages to standard output, meaning I like to be able to read those messages in my tmux window. However, there is something that just seems off about this method of running a server application. I would prefer if the server could somehow run in the background, but I also want to be able to see the logs that the terminal is printing out at any given time. So, to summarize, is it a bad idea to run a server application in tmux? If so, what do I do instead so that I can still read the server application’s logs?

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Author: Matt Y