Is there some method to track what changes to files a website does?

So I was trying to find out how this site pentest-tools tracks me without normal MAC address or even IP address. This website basically gives us 2 “free scans” allowing us to scan any 2 sites and find some of the basic vulnerabilities present in websites.

So there are plenty of websites out there (actually, only 2) that provide this free “scans” for basic vulnerabilities. So as a challenge, I wanted to find out whether I could fool the website into allowing me more than 2 scans by changing my identity thus having the server think of me as a new user.

So, I tried all the basic methods of hiding my identity (BTW I am not a hacker or anywhere near) which included MAC and IP spoofing and cookies clearing. But they didn’t work. So, I had a few questions:-

  1. Is there any way to track what file changes the site performs to identify me so that I can find those cookies responsible for storing the number of scans I have used and delete them?

  2. Also, would there be any program that immediately removes whatever files generated by the website (tracker by the above method) and placed on the computer files be deleted automatically? something which even prevents supercookies?


Neel Gupta

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