Can automatic send emails when checkbox = True?

I’m looking for an script can automatic send emails when checkbox is True.
This is my format example:
enter image description here

What i want is when im clicking on checkbox = True at F2, i can recieve an email with excactly contents from A2 to E2, looks like this:

  • Email subject= [Approved] Form

  • Email message= contents below

  • Timestamp: 01/06/2020 + times
  • Machine/Equiment require: PU1602
  • Plant to require: RF
  • Team to fix: Ele
  • Form no: F01

The emails address can be set on the scripts too.
So please help to this. I lost my hair to try someway, but its hard to me.
This is the sample spreadsheet of my project:

my samle spreadsheet project

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Author: NKlaus