IPv6: delegate my RA-assigned prefix to my private network

I have a small private network behind a Linux based routing appliance (Ubuntu Server 18.04) that I’m attempting to migrate from IPv4-only to dual-stack.

My WAN interface has already been assigned an IPv6 global unicast address with a /64 prefix and subnet number zero, and I can successfully reach external IPv6 resources from the router (i.e., I can ping ipv6.google.com directly from the router).

My ISP does not appear to support prefix delegation via DHCPv6 – attempting to request a prefix using isc-dhcpd doesn’t work, but that should be okay, since I already have a prefix, right?

How do I delegate the prefix I already have to my LAN interface and configure radvd to make it available to my network? I could do this statically by hand, but this feels messy and high maintenance, since I’d need to reconfigure the network if my prefix ever changes.

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Author: Andrew Villeneuve