Is the 5.3 linux kernel fully supported as LTS on Ubuntu 18.04?

I’m a bit confused about Ubuntu’s announcement to switch to a Rolling Kernel.

  1. I’ve noticed some of my Ubuntu 18.04 servers are now running the 5.3 kernel, which the blog post seems to imply is the linux-aws-edge kernel, or not for production workloads. Is that the case, or is the rolling kernel installing vs. the linux-aws-edge? I’m not sure because I see both linux-aws-edge ( and linux-aws ( on

  2. Even if this is the production-ready 5.3 kernel being installed by the new Rolling Kernel model, what does this do to LTS support? It appears to break LTS support see the “Kernel support schedule” section, am I interpreting this right?

  3. Why would Canonical make this opt-out vs. opt-in?

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Author: stantonk