How to keep secrets out of version control with kustomize?

I’ve started using kustomize. It lets you generate secrets with something like:

  - name: mariadb-env
      - mariadb.env

This is great because kustomize appends a hash so that every time I edit my secret, kubernetes will see it as being new and restart the server.

However, if I put kustomization.yaml under version control, then it kind of entails that I put mariadb.env under version control too. If I don’t, then kubernetes build x will fail because of the missing file [for anyone that tries to clone the repo]. Even if I don’t put it under VCS, it still means I have these secret files on my dev workstation.

Prior to adopting kustomize, I’d just create the secret once, send it to the kubernetes cluster, and let it live there. I could still reference in my configs by name, but with the hash, I can’t really do that anymore. But the hash is also incredibly useful for forcing the restart.

How are people dealing with this?

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Author: mpen