File which contains table_names and column_names in it. Now i want to pull this two values into two variables and loop them

I have file called objects.txt contains tables and columns as below.

Table_name: customer1
Column_name: account_no

Table_name: customer2
Column_name: purchase_id

Now, I want to pick this table_name and column_name from the file as two variables in a loop and send to the sqlplus to run the below query.

For tab in grep of table_name
For col in grep of column_name

Set table=$tab
Set column=$col
Set Null_check='sqlplus -s/@$oracle' ‹‹ENDOFSQL
set serveroutput on;
Select count(*) from (select $column from $table where $column is null);

Please help me how to loop the this two variables in single for loop iteration and send to this SQL query

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Author: dinesh valavala