How to manage user java deployments in a small team, across different java applications (which require different java versions)?

I provide a java application (desktop client) which requires jdk11 (it really does).
We installed that SDK on all users and were happy for a while.

Then, someone shared with us his java application (also a desktop client, but unrelated to mine), which only works with jre8 (he is not willing to recompile to 11 and his status in the company is such that we must conform to him at all costs)…

I’ve instructed the team members to change their JAVA_HOME between an installed jre8 and jdk11, as they need, but this doesn’t seem like more than an annoying manual stop gap.

I am wondering what is a good, modern approach to allow, for example: a system-wide jre8 for the applications I don’t control but also code a little something into my project that can switch to jdk11 for the duration of their use of my application?

Since I am delivering a project with source code (which compiles every time they run, because they sometimes need to modify some of the java code), I am thinking along the lines of including a portable jdk11 and have the project refer to that as the SDK, relatively (so that they don’t have to install anything to get my application going).

I actually tried this a little bit but couldn’t get it done and I am wondering if it’s a good approach that is worth fixing or there is a better idea?

Can you share your experience about this relatively common problem?

Edit: + I am not sure a containerized solution is viable. It sounds like I’ll have to help them set up their system to support that and then wrap my project in a container – which sounds like a can of worms for someone with my skills (middleweight java dev, at best)

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Author: DraxDomax