Does local cache solve the problem with locked files when deploying to Azure App Service?

During the deployments, occasionally I experienced issue with files being in use by App Service and thus not overwritten with newer versions.

There are multiple recommendations to overcome this problem:

  • Run your app from the ZIP package directly
  • Stop your app or enable offline mode for your app during deployment (using App_Offline.htm)
  • Deploy to a staging slot with auto swap enabled.

I am exploring the local cache option, to fix a different problem, and it is not compatible with running from ZIP feature, as discussed here

If I understand correctly, when using local cache, the ZIP with code is deployed to Storage Account, and then is loaded into memory on App Service restart.

Does this mean, the issue with locked files is eliminated by using local cache, since the code is not run from the same place where it’s deployed to?

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Author: Alex