Does dumping/restoring do the same with “vacuum full”?

I have a large DB that is maintained by PostgreSQL-11, and the disk space is very limited, so I have to vacuum the db frequently(e.g. everyday).
But vacuuming is a very time-consuming operation, furthermore I often encounter vacuum error message such as “ERROR: canceling autovacuum task”, “CONTEXT: automatic vacuum of table ***”.

Fortunately, the service can be shutdown at a paricular time point in day, so I can dump the db after shutting down it, and restore it immediately, and restart the service again.
In addition, I found that “dumping/restoring” is faster than “vacuuming”.

My question: Do the things what be done by “dumping/restoring” include the things what be done by “vacuuming full”?
If so, I can do it instead of vacuuming.

Thanks in advance! Pls forgive my poor English.

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Author: Leon