Load Generators Giving 100% utilization – Storm Runner

We are trying to hit our AUT(Application Under Test) with almost 5000 users. We have tried twice but once almost 2500 – 3200 users are in the application, Both of the Load Generators spike to 100% utilization.
We are using Storm runner for performance testing the application.The Protocol of scripts is Multi Protocol:- Web HTTP/HTML and Oracle NCA.
The configuration of both the Load Generator:
16 core processor. 32GB Memory.
LG1 has processor Platinum 8272CL
LG2 has processor E5-2673 v4

Please do let us know how to resolve this or else is there any way out to calculate accurately as in how many Load Generator do we need. We have also done a lot of research by us but it fails astonishingly in main test.

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Author: Aashish Sharma