Traefik 2 – Passing port in the URL

So I’m pretty sure I just need someone to break things down for me in a way I can understand.

I’m running traefik 2, with docker and some rule tomls for other internal services.

I am using HASSIO as on of these rules tomls, I want to be able to reach http://URL:1880/endpoint/ui for the node red integration.

if i browse to the internal address it works but it’s not working externally using the url.

the toml is as follows:

      entryPoints = ["https"]
      rule = "Host(`REMOVED`)"
      service = "hassio-svc"
      middlewares = ["chain-no-auth"]
        certresolver = "dns-cloudflare"

        passHostHeader = false
          url = ""

my question is, can you have it so when you click a link in the site and it redirects to an address with a port in the URL that gets passed through?

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Author: Nigel Tatschner