20+ RPG career transition to ASP.NET core

For the past 20+ years I’ve made a comfortable living as an iSeries RPG developer.
I’m now pursuing a new skillset of ASP.NET core 3.1 (razor pages)…

Very early in the self learning process but hoping to confirm a few fuzzy concepts with proficient .Net devs out there…

1.) .NET is a framework, not a language
2.) using .NET core 3.1 (razor pages), I have appeared to have been exposed to C# as the main language along with HTML and bootstrap, in the tutorial I have been pursuing.

So essentially, my quest (to pursue a .Net framework), will require me to become proficient in C# programming language. I know other requirements will be essential (javascript and latest versions thereof), but will C# be the cornerstone of the code development?

Are these statements accurate. Am I confused so early on? Any elaboration or advice moving into .Net development area? The .net core 3.1 has been super easy to follow along with so far. I’m impressed with it. I’m doing a simple CRUD application but is not different at all than what I have been doing for the last 20 years, except with the .net framework. After I finish the CRUD that interfaces with an SQL server DB, I plan to clone the application and replace the SQL Server DB interface and utilize REST API’s instead that I have developed on the iSeries over the DB2 database.

Appreciate any helpful input.
Feel free to rip my statements to shreds… that is how I learn best… as long as met with accurate info.


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Author: jefferson vaughn