How can I automate Kerberos Ticket Renewals in a Linux environment without user intervention?

I am working within a Linux environment. Both for SAS and JupyterHub, users are unable to renew Kerberos tickets unless they run kinit and kinit -R on the command line. This current solution is barely tolerable by my users, and I’m trying to find a methodology that can seamlessly renew Kerberos tickets for users.

I have explored the option of using keytabs, but then there is the barrier of users being required to regularly change their password. Essentially, I need an automated methodology for renewing Kerberos tickets for users without the need for user intervention via kinit commands in a terminal/command-line session.

I have users that do not find the command-line user friendly on a Linux server, and I am looking for alternatives to Kerberos ticket renewals without the use of kinit and kinit -R. These servers host both SAS and JupyterHub applications.

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Author: Keith S