WPA3-Enterprise Modes

Looking at the Wi-Fi alliance document we find basically three modes:

  • WPA3-Enterprise only Mode
  • WPA3-Enterprise transition Mode
  • WPA3-Enterprise 192-bit Mode

Inside another document provided by Aruba there is another definition:

  • WPA3-Enterprise Basic Basic Opmode is essentially the same as WPA2-Enterprise with enforced PMF settings (MFPR=0, MFPC=1)
  • WPA3-Enterprise: Suite-B/CNSA top-secret security standards for Enterprise WiFi are enforced, deriving at least 384-bit PMK/MSK using Suite-B compatible EAP-TLS.

The questions are about these differences:

  • How many modes are there?
  • Is 192-bit mode mandatory for WPA3-Enterprise or not?

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Author: Hoper