Calculate the total on events with two time conditions

I have a table in BigQuery that looks something like this:

    schema = [
        bigquery.SchemaField('timestamp', 'TIMESTAMP', mode='REQUIRED', description='Data point timestamp'),
        bigquery.SchemaField('event_id', 'STRING', description='EventID'),

The table has a fairly large dataset, and I’m trying to find write an efficient query that returns the number of events that happened in the last 24 hours but also within the last N days. That is, two different records with different conditions but the same event_id. I don’t care so much about the actual event_id, but rather the distribution.

Ideally, the query would return something like this:

7_days: 20
30_days: 15
60_days: 7

If it’s impossible to do this in pure SQL, I also have Pandas available at my disposal.

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Author: vpetersson