SEO friendly way to link to authority identifiers from a page, without installing extensions?

I am looking for SEO-friendly ways to add authority identifiers to pages or categories so that SEO finds them easily, with without installing the Wikibase or Semantic MediaWiki or other extensions (would prefer not to go into why).

A page about a person may have many identifiers, e.g.:

  • LOC number (library of Congress)
  • Worldcat identifier
  • Biography database identifiers Who’s
  • Who identifier
  • BNF identifier
  • Wikidata website identifer

Most of these authority identifiers will be links but not all.

On Wikipedia these extensions are shown either in the infobox template at the top, or in the authority control template in the footer, both of which are linked to the relevant wikidata pages using the Wikibase extension.

Authority identifiers are used by search engines to identify which content it is from other pages with the same name which may not be relevant, and many people have the same names. They can also link the page with other relevant content.

So what is the SEO-friendly way to include authority identifiers for SEO without installing extensions? I plan to use a template but plain links in a template in the footer seem unlikely to be crawled as effectively and I don’t want the Google snippet to be be full of identifiers from a template.

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Author: Mousey