Accessing a AWS docker instance via localhost only?

Suppose I have two apps launched via the AWS ECS cluster (using Docker containers).

I want to expose one app to the world via a public IP (and I do it via the AWS load balancer) but the other one I want to be able to access only internally, so that it would not have any public IPs and would only be accessible internally.

Is this possible to do that at all? I suppose it should be easier via docker containers because I could possibly make them communicate to each other by exposing a localhost via

--network="host" in docker run

But that would work if I run the two apps on the same EC2 instance.

What if I run them on separate instances but they are using the same load balancer or — separate instances but in the same AWS zone?

What setting would I use in ECS to expose this app only via the localhost?

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Author: Aerodynamika