Language setting for ‘TZD’ format in TO_CHAR (timestamp with time zone)

Which setting controls the language of ‘TZD’ or ‘TZR’ in the TO_CHAR(timestamp with time zone) function?

select to_char(systimestamp at TIME zone ‘AMERICA/EDMONTON’, ‘TZD’) from dual;

returns the English value for TZD “MDT” (Mountain Daylight Time), which is expected as the default value.

However, I can’t find which parameter or setting to use for it to return the French value of TZD, i.e. “HNR”

  • I’ve tried adding “, ‘nls_date_language=FRENCH'” to the TO_CHAR example above, as well as altering the session parameters NLS_LANG and NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE, but to no avail.

Marc L.

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Author: Marc Lalonde