Dell iDRAC6 virtual console viewer from GNU/Linux command line

I am annoyed that I have to launch a webbrowser just because I want to use the virtual console through the iDRAC6.

I managed to download viewer.jnlp and I can start the viewer with:

javaws viewer.jnlp

But it seems viewer.jnlp changes for each run. Specifically:


My guess is that iDRAC6 makes a random user/password for each run and that this can be used only once.

I would much prefer, if I could simply do:

drac-virtual-console-viewer username password

Is there a tool for that?

Or is there a way I can download the viewer.jnlp given the username/password?

It seems other versions of the iDRAC support VNC, but I cannot get that to work on the iDRAC6. But if I could get that to work, it would also solve my problem.

System: Dell R815 iDRAC6

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Author: Ole Tange