LVM: Fix logical volume to a phyiscal device

I’m not sure if what I want to do is necessary nor actually helpful but maybe someone can clarify as I couldn’t find a good explanation/solution.

I have a LVM that originally consisted of just a single PV. I have now added a second PV and converted one of the LVs into a mirror using lvconvert -m1 vg/data. I would like the other LVs to remain on the original disk and not be spanned over multiple disks. That is in case I later extend one of the LVs they should never be allowed to be stored on two PVs (except if mirrored) with the intention that in case a disk fails I can still recover all the data from the other PV.

Basically I would like to modify the LV to be fixed to a single PV like when you create it using lvcreate -n fixedToDiskA -L10G vg /dev/sda.

Question: How do I know if thats already the case, e.g. that the LV will never grow to span data to the second PV and if that’s not the case what’s the command to do that?

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Author: schneida