Can Autohotkey Remap Media Key Combos?

I want to use the 4 buttons above the numpad for data entry, with the “calc” button as a sort of modifier, so I can do multiple things with them. I’m having trouble making key combos work.

Here are a few different versions of the code I’ve tried, to get a way to type the “(” character, but none of these work.

Launch_App2 & Volume_Down:: (              ;- fails
Launch_App2 & Volume_Down::SendInput, (    ;- fails
vkB7 & vkAE::SendInput, (                  ;- fails
SC121 & SC12E::SendInput, (                ;- fails

What I can do however is to remap any one of those keys individually, for example with Volume_Mute:: Esc but I don’t seem able to combine them using &. How can I use the keys in combination? I’m using the latest versions of AutoHotKey and Windows 10.

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Author: Dylan Kinnett