netctl: Static IP configuration lost automatically after few seconds of starting the interface

I am using netctl in Arch Linux on Hyper-V. I have two ethernet interfaces eth0 & eth1.

IP config:

  1. eth0: dhcp (automatic configuration, no involvment of netctl)
  2. eth1: static ip ( using netctl profile
  3. dhcpcd installed and enabled at startup
  4. NetworkManager installed and enabled at startup

eth1 netctl profile (/etc/netctl/sth1static):

Description='Static IP config for eth1'

To start the interface I am doing as follows:

netctl stop eth1static
ip link set eth1 down
netctl start eth1static
netctl enable eth1static

After following the above steps, I am able to see the static IP configuration applied to the interface using ip a. Also I am able to ping the guest interface from my host OS successfully. However after a minute or so, I see the interface lose its configuration and get a fe80: based IPv6 address only and the ping stops working… Even after reboot, I don’t see the IP configurtion on the interface, where as the other interface (eth0) is working fine.

Could anyone suggest what’s going wrong and how to fix it?

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Author: Anirban