How do i formulate file path for testsettings on the Runsettings file parameter

Whats the proper way to form relative file path/ or file path for the runsettings parameter


In my local environment this works but when i push it to build release agents it fails since
its looking for the file in a different directory.

This is the directory its looking at E:Agent_workr10axxxxxxxxx.testsettings,

here is my current way i have it set


here is the error message
Error: The test settings file E:Agent_workr10axxxxxxxxxx.testsettings, specified in the MSTestAdapter settings, is not available. Either access to the file is denied or the file does not exist. Ensure that the test settings file is available and try again.

instead of
E:Agent_workr10a_XXXXX CI BuilddropXXXXX_Automation_TestbinReleasexxxxxxxxx.testsettings

There is no documentation that states how to formulate the file path on msdn and didn’t see
anything online.

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Author: skinnyWill