tktinter proplem i need anyone to enter sory for the bad title

i want to put text beside every entry but it prints all texts and entrys on one row i want to use the pack method to print every entry with a text line every one one on a row and i want full code please

from tkinter import *
root = Tk()
l1 = Label(root, text="Name")
name = Entry(root)
l2 = Label(root, text="age")
age = Entry(root)
l3 = Label(root, text="color")
color = Entry(root)
l4 = Label(root, text="number")
number = Entry(root)
l1.pack(side = LEFT)
name.pack(side = RIGHT)
l2.pack(side = LEFT)
l3.pack(side = LEFT)
color.pack(side = RIGHT)
l4.pack(side = LEFT)
number.pack(side = RIGHT)
root = mainloop()

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Author: marwan azzam