What can be used as abbreviation for perpetual beta?

According to Wikipedia, we talk about stages of development;

  • prealpha
  • alpha
  • beta
  • release candidate
  • stable

But, beta also have 2 sub-stages;

  • perpetual beta
  • open/closed beta

Now if we were to version a software with these and semver. It would look somewhat like this:

  • prealpha: 0.x.x
  • alpha: x.0.0-alpha.x
  • beta: x.0.0-beta.x
  • release candidate: x.0.0-rc.x
  • stable: x.x.x

However how would these look if we want to differentiate between perpetual and open/closed beta?
Would this be allowed, and if yes would something like this work?

  • perpetual beta: x.0.0-pb.x
  • open/closed beta: x.0.0-ob.x, x.0.0-cb.x

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Author: Keimeno