Facebook Pixel – how to see the statistics for a specific website?

Fb allows to create only 1 pixel per account. I am using this pixel on multiple websites.

Here I see the list of websites:
enter image description here

However how/where do I check specific websites if the pixel is working?
All I see is a summary of all the events recorded by the pixes, of all the websites where the pixel is uxed.
I would like to see the statistics of pixel hits for each specific website, so that it can give me a hint if the pixel on that specific site is working, and how many times per day/month the pixel function is being run.

I found out that the pixel that is in many websites is in my “personal account”:
enter image description here

When I am in some of my businesses https://business.facebook.com/select/ I see the pixels of specific websites that I created a pixel for. All those pixels in my businesses are new pixels.

The OLD pixel is in my personal account. I have no idea what to do.
Should I stop uxing the pixels of the personal account and create a new pixel in the business accounts for each website and start tracking new data from scratch?

That would be very painful

Please help

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Author: Pikk