cookie is reset after redirect from other domain

I have a website implemented with Codeigniter 3.
I store cookie with TTL 1 year, which I use in some queries.
Normally, everything works as expected.
However, I have virtual POS integration on my website which does redirection to bank website, and back from there.
Upon redirection back from bank website I try to get value of the cookie I set, but cookie does not exist on redirection back from bank. And the weirdest thing is it does not happen on all devices. It started recently, 2 weeks approximately. This behavior does not occur on my device and another device, but it does occur in other devices both mobile and desktop. One of these devices, where problem exist, uses exactly the same Chrome version as in my PC (where I don’t face this problem).

I know that browsers changing policies regarding cookies but I am not sure if my problem related to it because as I said, I have this problem on some devices only.

I don’t know how to fix this problem.

Thanks is advance…

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Author: Nuryagdy Mustapayev