Generate SQL scripts in powershell

I want to be able to generate simple repetitive scripts in SQL using Powershell as the scripting language.
For example, If I want to generate a SQL GRANT command for every table in a database, and for every category of user in the database, the generic grant command might look like this:

grant $privs 
   on $table 
   to $user;

Here, $privs, $table, and $user are parameters to the Grant command, expressed as powershell variables.

I want to step through a list of data that could be applied to this generic form to produce the actual script. The list of data might look like this:

privs       table       user                
-----       -----       ----                
ALL         Employees   DBA                 
READ        Employees   Analyst             
READ, WRITE Employees   Application         
ALL         Departments DBA                 
READ        Departments Analyst, Application

This should generate five SQL GRANT commands.

Full Disclosure: I am asking this question so as to be able to provide my own answer.

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Author: Walter Mitty