Ubuntu 20 on Active Directory — wrong user and group IDs assigned

I’m trying to join my Ubuntu 20 virtual machine to our Active Directory setup. Everything seems to be working, except the user IDs shown for users do not match what is in Active Directory. This means that (among other problems) users cannot access their home directories which are served/mounted from another server.

The user ID for rgoodman should be as shown here (from the non-working machine):

$ ls -ld /home/rgoodman
drwxr-xr-x 70 1101210 1100513 12288 Feb 23  2019 /home/rgoodman

On a working server (which is actually running CentOS), I see this:

$ id rgoodman
uid=1101210(rgoodman) gid=1100513(domain users) groups=1100513(domain users),1101210(rgoodman),1110778(customer-support-sg),1110770(cacti-sg),1110867(software-development-sg),1110838(phoenix-dev-sg),1000001(BUILTINusers)

On my server which isn’t working, I see this:

$ id rgoodman
uid=945201210(rgoodman) gid=945200513(domain users) groups=945200513(domain users),945210867(software-development-sg),945210838(phoenix-dev-sg),945210778(customer-support-sg),945210770(cacti-sg)

It’s interesting that the end of each number is the same, but the prefix is different. How do I change the prefix on this machine to match what is in AD? Is the BUILTINusers at the end of the working machine’s list a clue?

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Author: RGoodman