I copied a file into my VM, but the folder is a regular file

I’m new to Linux, and I’m trying to untar the following file, so I moved from GCS to the Virtual Machine with the following command

gsutil cp gs://ghtorrent_datadump/mysql-2020-07-17.tar home/ghtorrent

but now when I want to use

tar -xvf ghtorrent/mysql-2020-07-17.tar

I get tar: ghtorrent/mysql-2020-07-17.tar: Cannot open: Not a directory

Looking for an explanation I found that ghtorrent is a regular file instead of a directory

pablo_racana@untarfiles:~/home$ ls -ld ghtorrent
-rw-r--r-- 1 pablo_racana pablo_racana 478100428800 Aug 18 15:19 ghtorrent

what did I did wrong? should have specified home/ghtorrent/ as destination directory?
Is there something that I can do to not lose the progress?

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Author: Pablo Racana