Android (mobile) Keyboard Shortcuts Google Sheets

In Google Sheets on a PC it is possible to use Ctrl+Shift+: to insert the current time into a (time formatted) cell in Google Sheets.

How can this be done when using a sheet on an android mobile phone keyboard?

IN edit:
I see that =now() will insert the current time (acknowledgements to @OlegS) but the cell has conditional formatting according to the time of day (in 3 bands – am, pm and evening). Entering the time using Ctrl+Shift+: applies the correct colour but =now() does not seem to respect the conditional format. The condition is:
(for example)

value is between 10:00:00 and 16:00:00

and the cell is given a different fill colour

Is this because the full result of =now() includes the date as well as the time in a complete string and is there a way within the function to limit the result just to the time element?

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Author: User24601