Rust: the trait with trait parametr – bound is not satisfied

I was trying to push to Vec object which is implementing trait with trait parameter.

trait IRequest{


trait IRequestHandler<T>
where T: IRequest
    fn handle(&self, request: T);

pub struct CreateTodoRequest();

impl IRequest for CreateTodoRequest { }

pub struct CreateTodoRequestHandler();

impl IRequestHandler<CreateTodoRequest> for CreateTodoRequestHandler
    fn handle(&self, request: CreateTodoRequest) {

fn main() {

    let request = CreateTodoRequest{};
    let handler = CreateTodoRequestHandler();
    let mut handlers : Vec<&dyn IRequestHandler<dyn IRequest>> = Vec::new();


I got following error:

the trait bound CreateTodoRequestHandler: IRequestHandler<dyn IRequest> is not satisfied
the following implementations were found:
<CreateTodoRequestHandler as IRequestHandler>
required for the cast to the object type `dyn IRequestHandler

When I written IRequestHandler without paramter I could to cast it and push to Vec. Problem is apearing when trait has parameter.

Is it possible to cast object to trait with parameter that they implemented?

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Author: pager_dev