Frontend technologies for Microservices

I have backend app which is SpringBoot – doing CRUD and Business logic, and split into microservices. Like program-setup, lead, survey etc.

I want to understand what would be a better frontend framework.
Tasks the frontend would carry – theme setup, calling different microservice, uploading/downloading files on AWS S3, designing email templates and dashboards etc

I see that PHP has its backend where these tasks can be done. Can we use Node for doing same and frontend would be AngularJs

So the flow I see is. AngularJs -> Node -> SpringBoot -> DB

Things like AWS S3 upload and download would be done by Node and only S3 file path will be sent to Spring to process anything further
Also, in this flow there wouldn’t be need to enable CORS on Spring side.

Can anyone shed some light on what to use for frontend to call microservices?

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Author: Kedar Javalkar