What might cause a DELL R610 with PERC H700 Virtual Disk to disappear after an OS install/reboot?

I have a Dell R610 Server that I am trying to upgrade with some new disks and a new operating system.
The server has a PERC H700 RAID Controller with firmware (which is the latest I could find on the Dell site).

I ran firmware, bios and driver updates from the Dell support page. BIOS, Lifecycle Controller, IDRAC 6, OS Driver pack, and PERC H700 should all be running the latest available versions for this service tag.

After installing Windows I connected it to the network and rebooted the system. Prior to reboot I show 1 virtual disk in a RAID 1 configuration with x2 2TB Seagate HDDs. After the first reboot I perform post-Windows install, I show 0 virtual disks and the system won’t boot to Windows again.

From other questions I have read here on ServerFault, I don’t think these disks are too large for this controller/firmware and although they aren’t Dell branded disks, I think they should still work.

What might cause the disappearance the virtual disk/RAID I setup prior to the OS install?

Thank you in advance for any advice you might have.

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Author: Aaron