how does dynamic linker resolve references in run time?

let’s say I have a source file dll.c that use dlopen and dlsym functions to load a shared library called in run time.

dll.c has a reference to some_function(), and has the definition of some_function().

and let’s say the picture below is the executable object prog which is obtained by

linux> gcc -rdynamic -o prog dll.c -ldl

enter image description here

so .text section contains the reference of some_function() that needs to be resolved when the porgram load and start to call some_function()

My questions are:

Q1-it seems to me that the .text section(where some_function() belongs to) in RAM(executable is copied into memory) needs to be modified by the dynamic linker so that the reference of some_function() can be resolved, is my understanding correct?

Q2-If the dynamic linker needs to modify the .text section in RAM, how does it do it? from my understanding, .text section is read-only segment in RAM, how can a read-only segment be modified if it is called read-only?

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Author: slowjams