Mobile Device Management solution for Linux & Mac [closed]

Our company is managing both Linux (Ubuntu & Fedora) and MacOsX machines.
For compliancy reasons, we need to have a software allowing us to remotely wipe, but also enforce encryption on hard disk, force password rotation and force antivirus usage & update.

We’re looking to update our current solution to manage all this issues, which we consider quite common for a SMB company.

We’ve already identified several solution, but they don’t match all the conditions.

These solutions are (not ordered)

  • JamfPro (but for Mac only)
  • PreyProject (but with no policy enforcement)
  • GSuite Enpoint Management (with no Linux support)
  • Soti MobileControl
  • Miradore suite
  • CoSoSys endpoint protector

Do you know any solution matching this need ?
Or is a good solution to manage this two pools (Mac and Linux) devices separetly ?

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Author: DGallet