How to include SSRS and SSIS in devops deployments

Does anyone have any experience of deploying only changed SSRS reports and SSIS packages when they deploy?

We have around 150 reports to deploy to a similar number of servers across dev, uat and production.

We use TFS to do the building of the database objects, reports and packages and a Powershell deployment script to deploy the reports and packages. We always deploy all the reports and packages even if none of them have changed.

I should mention we use a Powershell script for the deployment because we create a new SSRS folder for each customer, upload all of the reports, apply the datasources and subscriptions from the existing folder then rename the new folder and the old folder to switch them over.

I’ve watched lots of talks about database devops but none mention reports or packages.

While we have different upgrade cycles for different customers (some get a release every month, some every two months, some less frequently) we only need to support going from their current version to the latest version – the question is, how can we determine what their current version is?

We’ve considered putting a build number in the rdl and dtsx as a variable then comparing it with the build number being released and if they’re not the same deploying the item.

If anyone is doing this I’d be interested in any pointers you could give, whether it’s scripts or tools.

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