Tool for goods overview for employees

I’m looking for a tool that will help me create a very simple editable sort of (web)app-thing, which will work as shown on this image. I don’t know how to call such a thing, hence I have to describe it.

Basically the first screen shows 5-10 small icons-windows (A-J), all of them are hypertext links. When you click one of them (B in the image), you are taken to a different screen which could contain either another sort of junction like the first screen (B1-B20), or it could contain some final screen with desired information.

The idea is, that the company makes goods and ships them to multiple countries, but the goods and packing directions differ. The created app would allow employees to easily find what goods ship to which country and how they should be packaged.

So the first screen would contain country flags/names (A-J). After clicking on a country, you would be either taken to:

  • or a screen with goods and their packaging info for that specific country
  • a screen with said countrys regions (B1-B20) if goods and packaging differ by region and those region windows/icons would then take you to the final screen mentioned above

I know this is easily created in powerpoint with hypertext links, but this solution is not ideal, as it’s not that easily accessible at anytime from anywhere. A web app seems ideal.

I would be able to create this with my basic HTML/CSS/JS knowledge, but my skills aren’t good enough to create an administration for this app and the company would be dependant on me for editing the information, which isn’t good. It would be best if a manager could easily edit the information.

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Author: Welsy