Opendkim running but not signing?

I have had a lot of fun with OpenDKIM – it is actively running on my Debian box and here is my code:

root@web1:~# tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep -i dkim
Sep  7 16:35:38 web1 sm-mta[1504]: 087FZbYw001504: Milter insert (1): header: DKIM-Signature:  v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=simple/simple;; s=web1; t=1599492938;ntbh=+j1V4TFBmUGM3frMlslpv/49yjR0n44tuVimZHHRn0Q=;nth=Date:To:From:Reply-To:Subject:From;ntb=Z1gNvmXGQZXdx3iXGDpAWsdROt8iBctCrf248LQWtpNq5D3803fEWgUWCo9Bi81Bxnt qpE3hKokZTfD3jHlmyuhV9kZMulxEVv+jcjBXaK5r2L4957mUYW4Ao+UgBycqM6jt9nt CuOE+YStbaWal5mNNtf0NplJCHbHYk25NTV1y2zs=

However when I test the signature using I am getting DKIM-Result: permerror (no key)

From the result of the tail I believe Opendkim isn’t being passed the necessary to,from,reply-to etc but thats just my guess. Why would the email not be signed?

This is my /etc/opendkim.conf but I’m unclear where I would see any extra details such as the “LogWhy” should generate.

Syslog                  yes
UMask                   007
Socket                  inet:8891@localhost
PidFile               /var/run/opendkim/
OversignHeaders         From
TrustAnchorFile       /usr/share/dns/root.key
UserID                opendkim
KeyFile               /etc/opendkim/web1.private
Selector              web1
LogWhy                  yes

So to be clear – my question is: Why is the email not being signed with DKIM?

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Author: Antony