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I used to do a lot of forum surfing way before. As a Linux user this was how you get answers to your questions, fixes to your issues. Ask and you shall receive. Well, many times I got answers. There were times I did not. Those were fun days.

Note the WAS because back then there were no StackExchanges. Though I would say the concept is the same, it’s just the presentation that’s different. The internet was still in its infancy sort of. There were no smart phones yet as well.

In time I got sucked into the question and answer thingie. There was a time when I was very active in forums. I even answered a lot of questions, or at least tried to help in any way I could. At one point I think I was active in some IRC channel as well. Can’t even remember so much now. No, I’m not that old.

Back then it was one of those – I considered – “social things” that I did online in the same way people do in social networks these days I suppose. Pretty much I interacted with the online community (Or what people term these days as Netizens, gawd hate that word with a fervor), more specifically, to the Linux community.

So now that I really don’t have time to hang around in forums. Perhaps I can help indirectly by answering some of those questions out there if I could. I’m going to try to answer at least 3, or more, in a week and post it here. It might help me one of these days too.