World of Nubcraft

Eveything that is noobish.  Blogging about stuff to help the noobs like me.

First of all I love to write.  What better way to express my love for writing than to blog.  Since I am, most of the time, the geeky guy more than the cool one (If I ever am. LOL!), and ever curious about stuff related to computers, I’ve made this blog my platform to share whatever “discoveries” I have made.

On the other hand, a big part of the reason why I write down things is because I tend to easily forget them. Then I’ll have to go around searching for that something yet again. Why not save the links you ask? That works too, but I’d rather blog about it.

I am naturally interested in Linux in general and Ubuntu specifically.  I’ve been using Linux both as a tool for programming (sorta), at the same time as a desktop, since the earlier part of this decade (2001) up to the present, and still feel a noob all the time.

Back in 2008 I got hooked with World of Warcraft. I had been playing this popular MMORPG from Blizzard Entertainment for what looked like 2 years. Back to playing World of Warcraft for a few months now, although not as “hardcore” as before.  Right now I just stick to playing in battlegrounds or world PVPs. No raids!