Help please – installed ubuntu 18.04 lts – cant get ethernet/wifi working

I have a dell optiplex 9010 desktop PC. I have just installed ubuntu 18.04, alongside windows 10, on my hard disc in a separate partition. All is ok except I cannot establish an internet connection.
When I go onto settings> Wi-fi… says no wifi adapter found. I have tried running an ethernet cable from laptop to desktop but it will not establish a connection. I then tried tethering my mobile phone and this allowed me to go online however I still cant figure out how to install the drivers!!

Using my laptop (packard bell) I have looked online for the drivers for these devices only because I am assuming the device drivers are not present, I downloaded from an intel web site what I think are the related drivers. The name on the file to be extracted was e1000e-3.8.4.tar.gz.
I have extracted these files to a usb stick but have no idea if 1) This is the probable fix and 2) if it is how can I upload these drivers to my desktop. (my desktop is an optiplex 9010)

I am very new to linux and following some suggestions online I used the terminal command ‘lspci’ and this showed the following what I believe to be wifi/ethernet related devices on the system:

  1. ethernet controller [0200]:intel corp 82579LM gigabit network connection.
    Subsystem: Dell 82579LM gigabit network connection.
    Kernel driver in use: e1000e.
    Kernel modules: e1000e
  2. ethernet controller [0200]:intel corp 82572EI gigabit ethernet controller. Subsystem: intel corp PRO/1000PT server adapter [8086:1082]
    Kernel driver in use: e1000e.
    Kernel modules: e1000e

I have two ethernet cards in my desktop.

  1. Intel PRO/1000PT server adapter 82572EI and…
  2. Intel 82579LM gigabit network connection…

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Author: zatta303


I bought HP Laser MFP 135a black and white scanner/printer. I am new in Ubuntu and I use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I tried to open localhost:631 by installing CUPS in Terminal as seeing in one youtube video but no suceed. I do not know much to do. I use printer/scanner via USB. Could someone be kind and help me to set to work both scanner and printer.

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Author: Alain-Alain

Why would Ubuntu treat NXDOMAIN as resolving to localhost?

Every time I should be getting an error because a domain does not exist (e.g. could not resolve host), I instead get an error about connecting to a loopback address:

$ curl -4 -v https://nonexist.invalid

The problem only starts occuring about 2 seconds after establishing a wireless connection. For a short time, all works as expected.

I am using systemd-resolved and dns appears to be working:

$ readlink /etc/resolv.conf
$ dig +short A
$ dig +short A nonexist.invalid
$ systemd-resolve -t A nonexist.invalid
nonexist.invalid: resolve call failed: No appropriate name servers or networks for name found

If name resolution looks okay, why would programs still appear to be resolving names to

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Author: anx

ubuntu stuck on login page – can’t login with keyboard

I don’t know why but my ubuntu session got stuck at the login page suddenly and I can’t ge through any longer. When starting the VM, i get the following screen :

enter image description here

I’ve tried CTRL+ALT+F1 and CTRL+ALT+F7 but no luck… my keyboard and mouse aren’t working. I’ve also tried CTRL+ALT+F3 and ran

sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop

sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-session

but still the same.

enter image description here

I’m wondering what’s wrong and what I can do. If ever it is not possible to recover my session, is there a way to create another VM with the disk of this one… i’d hate to loose everything.

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Author: Boris M