Ubunutu 20.04 Gnome shell crashing on enabling Extensons from Gnome Tweak Tool

I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04
Everything is working fine except the Extensions

I tried enabling them using Gnome Tweaks Tool

Tweak tools -> Extensions Sidebar -> Top right corner
Gnome Tweaks Tools

But as soon as I toggle that, the shell crashes and I see this screen.
Shell Crashes

I am forced to logout and then login again. And then extensions are disabled again.

I tried enabing them even through dconf editior but the same thing happens. The shell crashes immidiately.

I tried looking for solutions but it seems like the issue is experienced by extremely few people. I could only find one question for it on Reddit(no solutions on it yet).

Does anyone know what the issue is about and if there is a fix for it? I am not able to use extensions and this is really bothering me. I am ready to provide any further details necessary to fix this issue

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Author: Abhishek Jain

VNC on Ubuntu 20.04 without monitor

Since couple of days I am trying to set VNC Connection with my “server” Ubuntu desktop 20.04. I want to use it as remote workstation and I want to use gnome3 environment, VNC Connect or NoMachine (for better management). Everything works well as long as monitor is attached. As soon as I remove monitor – connection breaks. Ok, that’s how it works. I have created dummy screen…

sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-dummy

With config based on this post:

Add Fake Display when No Monitor is Plugged In

I can access server, but it stuck on login screen with password prompt. When I put password, nothing happen. Still login screen with password prompt.

If anybody have any idea – please, help.


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Author: sawax

Boot Freezes and “Loading initial Ramdisk”

Boot Freezes and “Loading initial Ramdisk”

I upgraded from Ubuntu 19 to Ubuntu 20.04 yesterday and then on restart my Laptop (Alienware 17r4 , Nvidea GTX1070) freezez at “Loading initial Ramdisk”

i googled a lot and applied couple of workarounds but didnt help
– Adding nomodeset – Didnt help .
– Updated my Bios Firmware from Dell – Didnt help
– Updating grub2 – didnt help

The weird thing is that when i enable Secure Boot from Bios , it lets me Boot one time and then it does not let me boot upon restart . I again have disbale Secure boot , then when i boot i boot upto Login screen of Ubuntu but id does not let me pass through even after entering correct password and then when i enable secure boot it lets me boot Normally(very Slow)

i tried to Folloow : Ubuntu 18.04 fails to boot even in recovery mode (stuck on loading initial ram disk) on ASUS UX433FA
but i dont think the mentioned intel drivers are availaible for ubuntu 20.04

-i am using Nvidea Proprietary drivers (nvidea-driver-440)

Any help will be highly appreciated

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Author: Yogesh Singh