RDS Monitoring using PMM2, Missing Host Metrics for Postgres

I am using PMM2 for monitoring all my RDS instances.

I added Postgres as a remote database, But by adding a database as remote in PMM2 we miss host-level metrics like CPU, Memory etc. What is the recommended way of adding Postgres (RDS) or a way to inject missing metrics to get the complete Node Summary?

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Author: xrage

MySQL binlog format change from MIXED to ROW

One of my customer has MySQL master-slave setup at on-premises, where the binlog format is kept to be MIXED. Now, we are planning to migrate the DB to AWS RDS using DMS, the binlog format should be kept as ROW. I am not sure whether MIXED to ROW at this point of time at source will impact the source DB or replications. I see MySQL docs talking about the implication of STATEMENT to ROW change, but not from MIXED to ROW. Can someone help me on this.?

If the above is not doable, another plan is to go with Daisy chain approach, where an EC2 instance is created as slave connected to the slave DB of on-prem. This EC2 slave should have the binlog format as ROW. Even in this case, at on-prem the binlog would be MIXED and EC2 slave would be ROW. I am not sure whether this approach (within the same DB) will work, or anything break.

Any expert suggestion/solution (with MySQL document reference for the solution, if possible) would be much appreciated.

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Author: serverstackqns

Unable to create role on AWS RDS postgresql database

I’m trying to create a read-only user on an AWS RDS PostgreSQL database. I am logging in using psql, with the default user that was created in the RDS dashboard when I created the database. Yesterday I was able to create a role called readonly, but I realized I did not add some parameters I wanted to add such as NOSUPERUSER INHERIT NOCREATEDB NOCREATEROLE NOREPLICATION so I deleted the role. Then I went to create the role again and the operation timed out with a weird error, so I disconnected.

Well today when I tried to log in with the same user and create a role with command CREATE ROLE readonly;, I get: ERROR: permission denied to create role. I ran the command l and see this (I am myuser for example):


Any tips on how to resolve this? Do you think I triggered some kind of security protection so I am no longer allowed to create a role?

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Author: caseym