Mobile Device Management solution for Linux & Mac [closed]

Our company is managing both Linux (Ubuntu & Fedora) and MacOsX machines.
For compliancy reasons, we need to have a software allowing us to remotely wipe, but also enforce encryption on hard disk, force password rotation and force antivirus usage & update.

We’re looking to update our current solution to manage all this issues, which we consider quite common for a SMB company.

We’ve already identified several solution, but they don’t match all the conditions.

These solutions are (not ordered)

  • JamfPro (but for Mac only)
  • PreyProject (but with no policy enforcement)
  • GSuite Enpoint Management (with no Linux support)
  • Soti MobileControl
  • Miradore suite
  • CoSoSys endpoint protector

Do you know any solution matching this need ?
Or is a good solution to manage this two pools (Mac and Linux) devices separetly ?

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Author: DGallet

Would an anti-virus software make any other processes consume more CPU?

Would an anti-virus software make any other processes that it scans to consume more CPU?

We recently switched to a new Next-Gen, AI based Anti-Virus software. On couple of our Linux servers that runs Java processes, there has been frequent high spikes in CPU usage recently. Apparently, it is Java that is the highest consumer of CPU while the anti-virus process isn’t using a lot. I am pretty sure that it is not the anti-virus behind the higher CPU usage since the these spikes started a couple of days before even the AV software was installed. So, right now, I am in the process on convincing others that it is not the anti-virus (trust me, no one is believing what they see at top -c) . Before I go back to the team, I would like to make sure that when anti-virus scans every single file that gets opened by other processes, the resultant CPU usage would show up against the anti-virus process and not against the process that opens the file. Is this how it will appear in CPU usage stats?

Server run Amazon Linux and the Anti-Virus is Crowdstrike Falcon.

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Author: Citylight