Can’t connect to SSH on private IP through VPN gateway

Morning, everyone,

I’ve been having a strange problem for a few hours. I was SSH connected on my Azure virtual machine and my SSH connection suddenly froze (without disconnecting). I closed my shell and restarted my SSH session without success. I checked the NSGs with neighboring machines I connect well to, the NSGs are almost identical. I tried to reboot the machine, redeploy the machine, reset the SSH configuration, reset the user account, without success too. I can easily connect to other machines on the same subnet. I can connect on public IP. I feel like there’s a problem between the VPN gateway and the private IP… Any ideas?

Thank you

Note : I have the following entry in the health status :

At samedi 4 juillet 2020 à 3:15:32 PM UTC+4, the Azure monitoring system received the following information regarding your Virtual machine:
Your virtual machine is unavailable. We’re working to automatically recover your virtual machine and to determine the source of the problem. No additional action is required from you at this time.
Recommended Steps
Check back here for status updates
Redeploy this virtual machine to a different host server

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Author: Bruno Carnazzi

Deploy .NET application from Jenkins on Linux to MS Azure Web service

We have .NET application which deployed to Azure Web services. Now is time to create deployment pipeline for it.

And want to know what is high level plan how .NET application can be deployed to Azure from Linux servers based on CentOS.

Do we need an AZ cli installed on Linux server to deploy it and Azure .NET SDK?

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Author: pleyades

Azure ARM Triggers (e.g. Resource Created, Resource Removed, etc)

I am trying to find a way to trigger events on creation/removal of specific Azure Resources.

My goal is to add and/or remove these resources information to an App Gateway.

Can that even be done? My alternative would be to use a scheduled solution but I would love to avoid that.

Thanks in advance,

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Author: Lucas Araujo

CI/CD ARM Templates – Should the cloud infrastructure and resources be checked on each deployment?

Given a company adopts infrastructure as code deployment model using ARM templates.

Is it a good practice to attempt to re-deploy the ARM templates alongside the application itself ?

If yes what deployment mode (incremental/substitution) should be used and why?

Thank you!

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Author: Cristian E.

Does local cache solve the problem with locked files when deploying to Azure App Service?

During the deployments, occasionally I experienced issue with files being in use by App Service and thus not overwritten with newer versions.

There are multiple recommendations to overcome this problem:

  • Run your app from the ZIP package directly
  • Stop your app or enable offline mode for your app during deployment (using App_Offline.htm)
  • Deploy to a staging slot with auto swap enabled.

I am exploring the local cache option, to fix a different problem, and it is not compatible with running from ZIP feature, as discussed here

If I understand correctly, when using local cache, the ZIP with code is deployed to Storage Account, and then is loaded into memory on App Service restart.

Does this mean, the issue with locked files is eliminated by using local cache, since the code is not run from the same place where it’s deployed to?

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Author: Alex

Azure Application Gateway 502 issue

Azure Application Gateway 502 issue

I have a prod environment at the azure. Application gateway 2 apps serves. It’s a PHP web application on docker env port 80.
then I host my seconde PHP web application in port 8080. it working fine on the servers but when am trying on the application gateway is not working.
am getting an error as below.

Server Error

502 – Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server.
There is a problem with the page you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. When the Web server (while acting as a gateway or proxy) contacted the upstream content server, it received an invalid response from the content server.

and my URL is
then I tried a simple site to host its worked

I guess ext after the port /NDOT/ND is might be the issue. if its how to I allow that.

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Author: shukry