How would you (incrementally) backup KVM VMs based on LVM storage?

I’m running a set of KVM hypervisors on LVM storage (unfortunately I can’t use QCOW2, because the virtualization platform I’m using is strictly LVM-based).

The virtualization platform has a very poor backup support, so I wrote a series of scripts which perform LVM snapshots, grab the image with qemu-image, compress and store it on a separate storage.

My scripts work well enough, but with increasing number of VMs and data to manage are beginning to show their limits.

Can someone suggest me a free or commercial solution to have the work done well?
This is what I’m doing now and what I need to do:

  • scheduled backups
  • daily and weekly rotation and retention
  • backup saved on external storage
  • restore system
  • (extra points for incremental backup)

The VMs are both Linux and Windows, so I can’t rely on the internal filesystem.

I don’t need a web UI or other frills, CLI management is enough.

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Author: godzillante

Backup and upgrade MongoDB databases

I have a web application using MongoDB (Version 2.6.12), hosted in a (Ubuntu 16.04) server of DigitalOcean.

I like to use Robo 3T to connect to the remote database and do simple queries.

Sometimes I backup the database with mongodump, and mostly rely on the weekly auto server snapshot provided by DigitalOcean.

Now, I need to undertake queries containing like $lookup, they told me that MongoDB Version 2.16.12 does not support that. So I need to seriously backup my database and use a more recent MongoDB. I still want to keep using Robo3T to do queries to production database (by preference) or backup database (if it is updated very often, e.g., every day).

I have several questions:

1) I would prefer to have a more regular auto-backup (e.g., every day) of the database. Which way is recommended? (Additionally, it seems that Atlas does NOT support Cloud Provider Snapshots for clusters served on DigitalOcean?)

2) If I buy a new server hosted on Azure and install MongoDB 4.2, and copy the whole database by mongodump to the new server, will it work?

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Author: SoftTimur